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Hiking, food, cats, music, comics....at least most of the time.

Yes, I am one of those annoying people who always say, "Well, their old music was better" (you know it's true).

I play a lot of volleyball, but just for fun (my sisters and I make a fabulous team).

You could probably see me playing tennis in random parks or running around the neighborhood (but only on sweltering afternoons).

My bicycle is my method of transportation most of the time.

Find me a tree and chances are I will climb it (as long as the lowest branch is below 5'7-9).

I would rather lie down in a sunny open field with one person than be at a party with ten or twenty people.

SISTERLY TIMES. #sistershit #allaire  (Taken with Instagram)

SISTERLY TIMES. #sistershit #allaire (Taken with Instagram)

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#sistershit  #allaire 
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